About Us

our story

We love our city. A few years ago, we began going to our downtown area on Friday nights to meet, encourage and support local businesses and people we met while we were there.


We decided to start a non-profit called City Connect for the purpose of connecting people together with the common goal of serving and supporting our city.  We have a building that we are currently renovating.

We want to use the building to open a non-profit coffee shop from which the proceeds will be given directly back to our student center and our city through donating to local charities.

Our student center is currently open and provides a quiet place to study with free wifi. We also offer resume services and training in job interview skills. We plan to offer free tutoring in the future.

behind the name

A long time ago there was a man named Moses who became the leader of an entire nation. He attempted to take care of every single thing all by himself. One day his father-in-law, Jethro, traveled from his country to see him. He observed all the work that Moses was doing and realized that there was no way Moses could accomplish everything by himself. Jethro said, “What you are doing is not good. The work is too much for you; you cannot handle it alone.” Moses listened to him and asked for help from people in his community. With that help, they were able to grow into a strong powerful nation that changed the world. 


It is from this story, that we named Jethro's Coffee Company. We want to see our city prosperous, strong, and powerful, but know that it takes the entire community coming together for that to happen. Our hope is that through Jethro's Coffee Company we will be able to greatly impact our community by

working together.